In season two For Life asks — What is the price of forgetting our history of systematic racism? ‘What is the price of pain?’

After an urgent call from Bellmore concerning the growing COVID-19 pandemic, Aaron enlists Safiya’s help and heads back to the prison to investigate. Meanwhile, Marie faces a choice: Expose her family to the virus or go all-in at the hospital. (Giovanni Rufino/ABC)

Season two of For Life concluded (spoilers in an EW interview with Nicholas Pinnock) a few weeks past, and here’s hoping for season three soon. I’m a fan, but I’m also interested in the show for its social and political agenda. For Life is one of the few shows on television today which is highlighting important issues in prisons and jails as well as chronicling current news and civil rights movements as they happen. The show forces viewers to look, watch, and relive moments of terror told through the eyes of the communities who have faced these challenges for decades.

Murder on Middle Beach traces the Hamburg family story; At the heart, the cold-case of Barbara Hamburg, brutally murdered in front of her home in 2010

Madison Hamburg (HBO)

The individual story of Barbara Hamburg, Madison Hamburg’s mother’s murder in 2010 at their home is his opus Murder on Middle Beach. Available on HBO and HBO Max it is one of a kind documentary that chronicles the timeline of his mother’s life and the family’s immense loss. A devastating tale I’ve re-watched a few times now, and still can’t get over. The opening montage family footage of Barbara Hamburg and an adolescent Madison overlaid with audio from long ago. …

Goodnight sweet prince of comedy.

Nick Offerman and Derek Waters on the set of Drunk History (Comedy Central)

This is not an article but an amplification. If you’re having a difficult time right now — let’s face it who isn't? — Check out this show. Laugh it out among friends

Comedy Crossing three (Amanda Whitlock/Comedy Crossing)

Comedian Jenny Yang @jennyyangtv and friends have built something beautiful.

A place where no matter who you are you can come together for a few hours to laugh. It’s called Comedy Crossing and it is magic. Pure unadulterated fucking light as joy magic. The show comes live bi-weekly on Zoom at 7 pm Pacific time.

The cast of For Life (ABC)

‘For Life,’ ABC’s true-life drama highlights the failure of America’s justice system to protect Black and Indigenous people of color, headed for its second season

For Life was renewed at the beginning of June for a second season. You can and should catch the whole first series streaming on Hulu right now. And with a long weekend coming up designated for celebrating America’s greatest asset: freedom— If you’re white like me, consider ‘freedom’ doesn’t and hasn’t always included everyone.

Aaron Paul as Caleb Nichols and Thandie Newton as Maeve in Westworld’s season three (HBO)

The third installment of Michael Crieghton’s novel adaptation, Westworld III, questions technological reliance and pushes free will

SPOILER WARNING This review contains some spoilers of Westworld episodes. If you are not current on the seasons, I would not continue.

When Westworld III ended, some were left feeling a little less than enthusiastic. This season’s story felt unnecessarily convoluted and often left viewers shrugging. Delores (Evan Rachel Wood) is many of our characters, and the idea, though interesting, and even with the inkling last season on what we were in for — was still a disappointment because there are so many other characters it could have been.

Clancy and his mother. (Courtesy of Netflix)

Netflix’s latest animated trip, The Midnight Gospel, brainchild of Duncan Trussell (Duncan Trussell Family Hour podcast) and Pendleton Ward (Adventure Time), charts a course for acceptance, self-love, and inner peace.

Nick Offerman as Forest and Sonoya Mizuno as Lily Chan in ‘DEVS.’ (FX)

Sci-Fi mini-series from Alex Garland explores: when we die, how legacies go on and the damnation of the present by the past.

Todd and BoJack in the final season of Netflix’s BoJack Horseman. (Netflix)

BoJack Horseman’s final episodes are up on Netflix. And I feel okay about that. I am not one to wish a show to go on and on and on forever. I am a huge fan of shows like NBC’s The Good Place, which also ended this winter after only four seasons.

Jonah pictured in our home in Peru in 2012

I met Jonah nearly a year after my heart broke for the very first time.

It was the first I’d ever truly been in love. The biggest heartbreak I’d ever had, up till that point. I returned to Southern Illinois in the summer of 2002 a shell of who I’d been. That year is a blur, a lot of things happened for me after that loss. I got on as a photographer for the student-run daily paper, the Daily Egyptian. I was making friends left and right and the ones I had were there, consistently making sure I kept moving…

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